Activities at Bayswater Village

Special Events

At Bayswater Village we have various special events where the residents are entertained and spoilt. Birthday parties, various functions, the bi-monthly get-together and puzzles provide great fun and entertainment for all. Exercise is essential and the residents have great fun in keeping fit. Bi-monthly shopping trips with the Minibus to Pick ‘n Pay & Checkers are a great outing. ; On a more serious note Devotions, Bible Study and Church Services provide the necessary inspiration so vital to us all.

Spring Day at Bayswater Village is always a prominent occasion as is the Christmas dinner usually held in November.

Movies and DStv
A variety of movies ranging from musicals, biblical and many more are available to cater for all tastes.
Special DSTV package available to residents at discounted rates.



Puzzles, Cards & games
Puzzles, cards and games are arranged during the week by staff and residents.  

Exercises are a vital part of each resident’s well being. The residents keep fit while having fun.

Get Together
Residents get together for various projects, from knitting to handiwork accompanied by tea, treats and a chat.

Church Services
We have devotions multiple days of the week. Bible Studies are conducted on a weekly basis by various denominations and Church Services are held weekly at Bayswater Village.

Shopping Trips
Our minibus takes the residents of Bayswater Village shopping at Northridge Mall Pick ‘n Pay and Checkers twice a month.

Birthday Parties
The residents are spoilt with lovely tea and cake when birthdays come around. It’s a time for beautiful hats in celebration of one having a birthday. Entertainers ranging from choirs, bands and soloists are often there to add in the festivities.